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 fabrication companies in Bangalore(Unspecified, 100 m2, 1 Rs/m2) - fabrication companies i...
City:Bangalore, Karnataka, India India
Category:Real Estate (Commercial for sale)
Date:12/28/2021 8:42:47 AM (25 days ago)
Description:A creative team with one common passion – fabrication. Established in 2012 by Tajammul, the company has a well-earned reputation for delivering the highest quality design services for residential p...
Rs 1
What are the important elements of Residential Interior(Unspecified, ) - What are the important elements of Resi...
City:Mumbai, Maharashtra, India India
Category:Real Estate (Commercial for sale)
Date:11/27/2021 9:38:49 AM (56 days ago)
Description:Modern Commercial Interior design in Mumbai plans include substantially more than choosing which chairs to tables. These choices matter too up to an extent. As prominent Commercial Interior Designe...
Office Leasing and Management(Unspecified, ) - Office Leasing and Management
City:Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India India
Category:Real Estate (Commercial for sale)
Date:8/24/2021 4:32:21 AM (151 days ago)
Description:Here is this week's news on what's happening in the Indian Real Estate Industry! Some big players are starting to step in so if you're a real estate developer then you need to make sure your team i...