Chesterfield Antique Green Armchair-Real leather -Handmade

Date1/13/2022 1:08:52 PM
PriceUSD 1,963.00
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Choosing one Chesterfield armchair, are you choosing for the quality chair and an unprecedented style. If you love the authentic English craftsmanship denoted by the exquisite leather and finish nails, than an original Chesterfield armchair is definitely for you! By using only the highest quality semi-aniline leather we ensure you that classic look you come to expect along with excellent sitting comfort.

Optimal sitting comfort
Each sofa is unique due to the natural structure in the top layer of the leather
Timeless design
Ultimate eye-catcher
Available in the following antique (Wash-off look) colours: Brown, red, Green and black.
The Chesterfields we create are of such excellent quality we can also provide our unique Platinum Plus 12 Year Warranty which is not available elsewhere in the market. We also provide you with a exclusive certificate of authentication for each and every piece we create.

Why choose for an Original Chesterfield?

The Chesterfield Brand™ furniture pieces a