Are you looking for a 2in1 solution for your cold problems?

Date1/5/2022 12:10:31 PM
PriceRs 50.00
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Achoo 2in1 is an Innovative 2in1 solution (1st time in India) for your headache & nasal congestion. Achoo 2in1 is a herbal inhaler for headache relief as well as cold relief.
Achoo 2in1 is made using 100% natural wintergreen oil, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil.
Achoo 2in1 comes in a different color combination (so that one can save our friends & family from cross contamination) with Key Chain So that one can carry it during traveling hours.
Yuppie no need to carry Pain Balm and Inhalers differently because we have a 2in1 solution now & also economical in price. Achoo 2in1 comes in 2ml Attractive blister packing with 50 rs. MRP. Can be used by all age groups including pregnant women & children above age 5 .