Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Center in Andheri

Date10/26/2021 12:04:23 PM
PriceRs 300.00
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Are you searching for refrigerator service? You want the best service with skilled technicians right. So, near you, our Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Center in Andheri is located to provide excellent service. Refrigerators are having common issues like water leakage, bad smell, sudden sounds, etc. we are here to provide excellent service for all kinds of refrigerators. Our technicians can handle major and minor issues and provide service on time. We charge an affordable cost of Rs: 300/- per visit. We deal with out-of-warranty products only with a 30 days general service warranty. So, you can register your issue on 8688821745, 8688821385.