Crypto Trackers can help you prevent Crypto Scams

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Date9/2/2020 6:22:22 PM
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Crypto scams have seen a certain boost in today’s time owing to the fact that cryptocurrency itself has seen a great boost. A lot of fake exchanges have risen to prominence owing to the very fact that people still seem to have not lost their faith in any cryptos at all. Binary options trading, a part of crypto trading have seen a major boost in today’s world owing to the very fact that its popularity is directly proportional to that of cryptos.

We live in a generation where time is always a constraint to many. The hectic work hours, followed by those stressful assignments and presentations leave us very little time for ourselves to enjoy. Now, when it comes to trading, the process is always hectic. Add cryptocurrency trading to it and you don’t know what will happen the very next moment given the volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Thanks to a lot of crypto trackers that it has become really easy for a common man to manage his cryptocurrency portfolio.

CoinGecko has always been in the news for quite sometime now and it also seems quite popular among the traders. The biggest advantage that they have got is the integration of the whole media platform onto it. It will not let you publish your amounts to it, but it enables you to choose the currency you want and see its price.

Lionshare is a Mac-only free app ( also available on the Apple App Store). Its design is quite attractive and its iOS app is also very simplistic. It enables you to input the quantity of each currency you possess and presents it to you in a very beautiful way. However it doesn’t manage your trades. It is a good app to install on your Mac and look onto your holdings.

Blockfolio is a mobiIe only application and hence it has got its advantages as well as disadvantages. The good news is that the desktop version of Blockfolio is under production and it will soon be launched. Blockfolio has been there for a long time. Its iphone app is quite a sleek one. Blockfolio shows the live prices for almost all the mainstream tickers and exchanges and it has worked well to keep an eye on my couple of coins and weekly trades.

Is cryptocurrency a scam or not, that no one can tell right now. But if you have ended up being a victim of any kind of scam, then what you need to do is to contact a good fund recovery group to help you recover the money. Fund recovery groups do have a lot of attorneys, private investigators and banking specialists who are going to do the job for you that too in a quick time. Owing to the very fact that these fund recovery groups exist, what we can say is that they are the best option to get back your money if you have ended up being a victim of any kind of cryptocurrency scam.

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