Household chemicals

Date7/22/2020 6:25:00 PM
PriceUSD 100.00
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OfficeTrade online store recommends buying household chemicals or ordering household goods online with free delivery of products around the city in Almaty. Low cost and favorable prices including VAT in tenge for retail or wholesale consumers making a purchase on the site, where there is also a price list with the current name of certified offers. Popular manufacturers of the world category and Kazakhstan GOST brands of classified distribution companies. Ensuring public procurement and escorting customers at well-known tender portals of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Wholesale and retail household chemicals consisting of the really best assortment of the following categories of goods. Approved washing and cleaning products for the kitchen and bathroom, such as Domestos or Dressing Duckling. Means for cleaning tiles or floors, for example, Mr. Proper and Comet. Fairy and Fairy gel and dishwashing liquids, as well as a variety of soaps. MiF, Tide and Ariel washing powders with improved reagent formula. Glade air fresheners and tobacco scavengers.
Household goods in bulk, inexpensively ranging from simple HB gloves to garbage bins, baskets or bins, Chiy brooms with wooden cuttings and home brooms, plastic mops with nozzles, latex rubber gloves, shovels, ice axes, snow removal, leaded seals, cardboard boxes, packing tape, cellophane cling film, scrapers and cleaning brushes, toiletries, plungers and dustpan, iron sponges, dish washing sponges, microfiber household rags, rags, gauze on a roll, dispensers, wet wipes ki and paper towels for the kitchen or toilet paper.
High-quality imported and characteristic domestic goods for home or household needs in any quantity for every taste. We will provide all the necessary specialized household products with cleaning agencies, as well as similar structures or enterprises! We will consult on the composition of the substances of the components of the desired product and select a rational product for a specific type of operation with a possible presentation!
Delivery of free purchased household chemicals occurs only in the city of Almaty! For regions or other countries, logistics of courier services and third-party transport companies is offered.