I give my inheritance

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I give my inheritance

My name is Mouyen Priscillia, my mother is of American nationality, I live in PORTO RICO. I just saw your profile and said you were the person I needed. I

owns a canned tomatoes import business in France, I have a sum of 175,000 euros on my account, but I suffer from a very serious illness that

condemns to certain death. It is a throat cancer, but I would like to make this sum to a serious and honest person who can handle this amount to make it

good use. I lost my husband 8 years ago I did not have children because my husband could not be (sterile) what affected me and I can not remarry for lack of this

illness, but I loved it with all my heart, I would like that, a gift before my death and my days are numbered, I did not have a cure but a sedative in France. I would

to know if you want this gift.
do not hesitate to contact me for more details by my address E-mail:
Whatsapp +1 316 425 9543

Best regards.