After School Reading Enrichment Kits – Reader’s Theater

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Reader’s Theater has created an innovative after school reading enrichment program for kids of grades K-2 to K-12. We have been into developing and improving the way students learning. Despite quite high demand for traditional methodology, we come with role-play reading technique for students with normal or any physical disability. We have introduced Playbooks® Roleplay Reader™ Afterschool Kits to add a special dimension to arts learning. Kids will have color coded scripts to act and learn with stories and activities. Since, learning in and through the arts can even help students overcome the obstacles of disadvantaged backgrounds.

Each kit includes 3-12 story titles, 6 copies of each title, teachers guide, step by step implementation packet and pre and post assessment test for every student. The kit prices vary from different grades, you can order synopses for testing. Reader’s Theater has always been a trusted brand. You can find more of Playbook stories and other things here –

•Flip online samples of Playbook Stories
•Browse stories by grade level
•Check for curriculum based stories
•Multi story kits on health, folk tales, character education and more
•STEM kits
•Discounted kits
•Stories in Spanish
•Stories for iPad and smart boards