Solid Tires For Sintering Machine

Date11/7/2016 4:03:21 PM
PriceUSD 10.00
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Solid OTR Tyres for Sintering MachineThe wheel baseband is made according the fitting specifications of the vehicles' pivot bracket. And the thickness and the structure can be adjusted based on the tire loading. After treating to the basebands, cure reasonable rubber around the baseband surface to guarantee the loading of tires and other usage performance.Product description1,Smaller deformation,better stability and security2,running smoothly,slight shaking and twittering.3,Low rolling resistance,reducing energy consumption,basebands can be recycled,reduing cost and in accordance with the world trend of low -carbon economy4,lower heat built up,good heat yield,overcome the blow-out problem5,easy assembling,no need to fit rims,can be fixed to the vehicles and facilities directly,no worry for spinning.6, Heavier loading,10-15 increase of loading than the same size of tiresSizes information:No. Size of Tire Rim Size Outside Diameter Section Width Thickness of Rubber Net Weight Max Load(Kg) (Kg) Other industrial Vehicles ±5mm ±5mm ±5mm ±1.5%kg 16km/h 112.00-20FB11162851002587645214.00-20FB12603301103929496 url:.chinasolidtyres